PVC Dam Liner

Geo-line is a leading supplier of PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride)

Why PVC?

PVC is a highly flexible alternative to its more rigid HDPE cousin and thus makes it more suitable for certain applications:

PVC has a high puncture and abrasive tolerance resistance due to its re-inforced scrim (strengthening fibre) which makes it a practical choice for a variety of applications,

PVC does not contain any harmful chemicals so will not compromise the quality of the water contained.

The most common configuration has a thickness of 550 gram.

Because of its flexible qualities, PVC is ideal for self installations as modules can be pre-made in our factory, folded and transported to site, thus saving the cost of on-site installations.

PVC can be made up into a variety of custom configurations either in factory or on-site if required.

Our PVC comes in a range of colours, most common being black and blue, but most can be provided on request.

The versatile nature of PVC would make it the right choice for many applications including:

  1. Water features
  2. Fish hatcheries
  3. Decorative ponds and dams
  4. Irrigation
  5. Reservoirs
  6. Canals
  7. Biogas Digesters
  8. Koi-ponds
  9. Earth dams
  10. Oxidation and Maturation ponds
  11. Mining and Industrial waste dams
  12. Drip- sheets


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