Dam/Pond Installations

Geo-line is a supplier of a wide range of polyethylene and pvc dam liners.

The plastic liners do not contain any harmful chemicals which can compromise the quality of the water, making it suitable for most applications.

Dependent on the application various thicknesses of polyethylene or pvc  plastic are used.

Geo-line has specialized dam liner welding and testing machines a companied with our trained welding technicians to install with on site welding  to all our supplied plastics. HDPE as well as our pvc liners get welded with our imported wedge welding machines allowing us to do long secure welds over any length of dam required. These welds have a double weld with a test channel between allowing us to give a certified weld. Geo-line does on site installations from small garden ponds up to large construction dams and tanks. All our work is completed professionally and guaranteed to be 100 percent sealed as per your requirements.


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