Pillow Tanks

Geo-Line manufactures a range of pillow tanks to suit almost any application or requirement.
The pillow tanks can be made according to customer specifications and may feature as many inlets and outlets to suit any specific application.
Geo-Line’s pillow tanks are made from a robust re-inforced 1000gsm PVC which is both strong as well as pliable for easy storage.
The pillow tanks can be made in a variety of colours pending availability.

Why a pillow tank?

The key feature of a pillow tank is versatility.
A pillow tank can be easily transported to site to dispel or collect whichever liquid is being featured.
After use the pillow tank can be folded away and stored until required.

In today’s times of restrictions as well as cost factors the water (as with most applications) need not be wasted, but stored and re-used on the same site or the locale of choice. The pillow tank will also prevent any unwanted spillage or mess.


  • Ideal for swimming pool repairs to store the water
  • Liquid transport from site to site
  • Fire fighting
  • Irrigation
  • Testing and inspection purposes
  • Clean up operations
  • Temporary reservoir
  • Coffer dams
  • Marine Applications
  • Emergency management
  • Rainwater collection


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