HDPE Cast in Liners

Geo-Line’s Anchor Knob Sheet (AKS) is a HDPE cast in liner. The liner is made from first grade polyethylene resin and is designed to create the highest possible adhesion to the structure with maximum reliability. The AKS is manufactured in thicknesses ranging from 1,65mm up to 6mm with the 2mm thickness being the most common.

The AKS is attached to the concrete through the embedment of its 1230 anchor knobs per square meter. The optimal size, shape and number of knobs ensure a extremely high pull of resistance from the concrete. The anchors are homogeneously formed with the HDPE liner during the extrusion manufacturing process.

AKS liners have a proven track record of over a decade used primarily in the industrial sector for its tough liner that can withstand high acid contents and when specified for high UV resistance.

Geo-Line uses the AKS liners in many applications where the client needs a watertight seal on any concrete structure, for example underground tanks, koi ponds, above ground tanks, cement reservoirs etc.

AKS liners can be cast into the concrete for new builds where it is fixed to the shutters on the inside walls or alternativelly  on existing structures it can be grouted onto the existing concrete with Geo-Line’s specialised grout added to standard cement. Once the liner is cast in and set Geo-Line returns to weld all joints and grout holes to make a 100% water proof sealed structure.


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