Geo-Drip Sheets


Harmful run-off prevention
Leaking or spilt petroleum products can have dire consequences on construction, mining and a host of industries where such products are evident.
This in turn exposes both the environment and people to it’s adverse effects.

Geo-drip sheets are designed to be positioned beneath most static plant equipment including generators, trucks, tractors and general construction plant.
Geo-drip sheets are also ideal for oil/petroleum tanks used for storage of such products.
Geo-drip sheets are also suitable for placement beneath machinery or vehicles and the like whilst being serviced or repaired.

Geo-drip sheets are manufactured with a specially formulated reinforced PVC liner 1200/sqm that renders it tough enough to handle abuse on construction and mining sites as well as general “high traffic” areas.

Petroleum products generally have an adverse effect on plastic sheeting so this does not make it viable for long-term storage of such products, but is however suitable for catchment of these products for a period of time dependent on useage and volume.

Our geo-drip sheets are made in modular sheets and unlike a standard HDPE drip sheet, have raised 100mm sides to prevent run-off and maintain a clean and “contained” environment

Geo-drip sheets are bright orange in colour for ease of visiblity and spillage detection.
Geo-drip sheets are designed to be rolled up easily transported to wherever it may be required making it versatile in an endless variety of applications.


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