Floating Covers

Floating Cover
Geo-line’s floating covers use flexible geomembrane materials that float on a dam of liquid
to create a cover. Floating covers are commonly used for the containment of treated potable
water, but have recently seen a growing use in odour control, dilution control and in the
control of algae, as well as evaporation control.

Potable water storage
The biggest use for floating covers is in the protection of treated drinking water. Once potable
water has been treated it is important to prevent changes in the water before it is delivered
to customers. Floating covers prevent the loss of chlorine to the atmosphere as well as the
wind blown dust from contaminating the water.

Evaporation and Algae control
The operation of ponds can be detrimentally affected by climatic conditions. Mainly water
loss due to an arid climate. In certain types of ponds sunlight will cause algae to bloom
interfering with water use. Geo-line’s floating cover is an economical answer to evaporation,
algae and dilution problems.

Gas collection and odour control
Manure ponds and anaerobic digesters are increasingly being covered to collect the biogas
for energy application or to simply gain carbon credits. Geo – line’s floating covers are an
excellent way to convert new or existing waste ponds into biogas producing ponds. Biogas
collection covers collect methane gas for further use, but it also prevents odours from
leaving the the property and affecting neighbouring areas.

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