A versadam is a self-standing instant solution where water is required anywhere, anytime. The versadam is a practical solution as it is in itself a space saver and a mobile water delivery vessel in one.

The versadam requires no concrete or mesh wire support as the tubular HDPE design in itself offers all the support required.

The Versadam is flexible and allows for a compressed fold up and size dependant can then be loaded on to an LDV or other suitable vehicle to be transported to where it is required.

The Versadam can be placed and utilised on just about any surface with minimal preparation.

The Versadam does not have to be kept full to maintain it’s shape.

The Versadam is made from a tough polyethylene which includes UV stabilises that have a projected life-span of over 10 years.

The Versadam comes in standard sizes from 1m diameter up to a 4m diameter. All dams have a standard depth of 1m. The dams come standard with a 2” outlet adaptor but additional connectors and various sizes can be supplied.


Geo-line is a supplier of a range of steel reinforced reservoirs ideally suited for a larger scale water storage solution for use in a myriad of industries.

The SSR is a circular dam constructed of galvanised steel sheets bolted together to form a strong circular dam. A PVC drop-in liner is then secured within the structure to provide a 100% water-tight seal.

Galvanised steel sheeting has a long life expectancy against corrosion as well as mechanical failure. The PVC drop-in liner has excellent resistance to UV exposure ensuring a lengthy life span.

The drop-in liner is utilised for all forms of water storage, however a certified potable water liner can be provided on request.

Geo-line uses galvanised nuts and bolts on construction of the SRR.

The SRR dams are modular making it easier to transport and install.

The dams are supplied with a standard 110mm flanged outlet as well as a 2” overflow but any additional sizes and outlets can be supplied.

The SRR dams can also be supplied with a roof or our custom designed PVC mesh covers to safeguard against any unwanted cross contamination or debris.

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